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Simulation RPG Construction (SRC) Scenario Roundup: Part 3 – The Works of 米屋

Welcome back to another installment of SRC Scenario Round-Up, where we bring your attention to the most interesting fan-made scenarios for this SRPG engine. (If you have no idea what SRC is or need a refresher, go here) The previous … Continue reading

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A Look At: Hexamoon Guardians

Due to its popularity and success, the PSX has had many games and due to the sheer numbers involved, inevitably a good number of them would fade away in obscurity… doubly so for Japanese imports. Hexamoon Guardians happens to be … Continue reading

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Simulation RPG Construction (SRC) Scenario Roundup: Part 2

Welcome back to the world of SRC. If you have no idea what that is, go read my previous blog post on it over here. The tl;dr version – program that allows you to create and play fan “Super Robot … Continue reading

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Falcomonth – Looking at Vantage Master Online

Welcome back to Falcomonth, today we’ll look at another game not called “Ys” or “Trails”, back in the days where companies made more than 1 or 2 series. Vantage Master is a long-running series of 1v1 Strategy Games by Falcom, … Continue reading

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A Look At: Simulation RPG Construction (SRC)

SRC (Simulation RPG Construction) is a Japanese freeware program that’s specifically designed to create Super Robot Wars-like games. I’ve been looking at it recently and it’s kind of interesting.

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A Look At: Nobunaga’s Ambition Souzou (a.k.a Nobunaga 14)

It’s the 30th anniversary of Nobunaga’s Ambition, the game which started KOEI on the track to become the company they are today. While some may argue that they’ve lost sight of their origins in an endless “milking” of the “Warriors” … Continue reading

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Ramble Ral – Disgaea D2

(Articles in the Ramble Ral section are presented “as is” with minor editing. For more information please see its section page. They will probably contain spoilers for the game in question) I completed Disgaea D2’s main game. I don’t plan … Continue reading

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