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Ramble Ral – Disco Elysium

(Articles in the Ramble Ral section are presented “as is” with minor editing. For more information please see its section page. They will probably contain spoilers for the game in question)

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Simulation RPG Construction (SRC) Scenario Roundup: Part 2

Welcome back to the world of SRC. If you have no idea what that is, go read my previous blog post on it over here. The tl;dr version – program that allows you to create and play fan “Super Robot … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight: Riglord Saga 2

Quick! Name an RPG for the Sega Saturn which was localized but had Japanese only sequels! If you answered “Dragon Force” or “Shining Force 3″… how did you even read this far without looking at the post title or looking … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight: Der Langrisser

Der Langrisser is a strategy RPG for the SNES created by Career Soft (whose latest works include the Shin Megami Tensei spinoff Devil Survivor series). It is an enchanced remake/port of Langrisser II which proceeded to set down several of … Continue reading

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