Money Matters


So here’s a non-gaming related update.

I’ve been out of a job for quite some time now and that kind of kills a lot of my motivation to do stuffles. Not that I was ever paid that well anyway…

I really need to supplement my income of “nothing” so I’ve recently added a couple of Amazon Affiliate Links scattered over several old posts and I try my best to be really unintrusive about it.

Most of the things I write about here are obscure and usually out of print so I don’t really expect to make a killing but if you come across something you want to grab, feel free to do it so I can get a bit of commission money.

Yeah yeah, begging sucks and unfortunately I don’t get drunken Kung-Fu skillz in return unlike what Chinese Wuxia movies would have you think. Thems the break.

Anyway, I’ll try to get some new content up soon since I know my update schedule is now like “Once in a Blue Moon”

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A Look At: Hexamoon Guardians

HMG TitleDue to its popularity and success, the PSX has had many games and due to the sheer numbers involved, inevitably a good number of them would fade away in obscurity… doubly so for Japanese imports.

Hexamoon Guardians happens to be one of these games. A quick Google Search reveals that the only mention of this game in the English speaking world appears to be for database projects and the like… so why not shed some light on things? Continue reading

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Thoughts on Dragon Force 2

Dragon Force 2 Boxart

Dragon Force 2 has always been one of those long lamented “why did they deprive us of this game by not localizing it” mystical games that get much build-up from being Import Only. However, the recent completed fan-translation has changed that, making the game accessible to all. With that in mind, how does it really fare when the veil of language barrier is removed? Let’s take a look (SPOILER WARNING) Continue reading

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Tabletop RPGs-related comics

000_a - Imgur

One of my personal interests happens to be comics (usually comedic in nature) on Tabletop games. Not simply fantasy comics that are set in a licensed setting like the D&D world, but where the framework is actually people sitting around the table and actually playing the game in question.

So here are some of my particular recommendations. Continue reading

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Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Grancrest


Thanks to the hard workers at 4chan again, a new fan-translation of another Japanese TRPG has been released!

What’s the appeal of this system, you ask? I’ll let the translator’s notes speak for itself. Continue reading

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Cannonball Fantranslation release



Cannonball is a sci-fi racing genre VN by Liar-Soft, who’s famous for their “Steampunk” setting games with concept where Tesla has a giant robot and Mary Clarissa Christie is a kawaii waifu or something.

Don’t know about this one except nice art and it has catgirl lolis or something. It’s set in the same continuity as their other games, I think?

You can read more on the translation project and get the patch here

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A Look At: Adith The Forgotten Alchemy – We’re not Atelier, really!

Adith Title

So Japanese games have at least some kind of rudimentary coverage in the English world, even if it’s sometimes sparse depending on the particular game in question, but one aspect of the gaming world that has almost non-existent coverage are games from other Asian countries – Chinese, Korean and so on.

Today’s entry was brought to my attention by someone who thought it might be of interest to me – a Korean RPG that’s supposedly an Atelier clone. What magical surprises are in store for me…? Continue reading

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Demonbane OP Lyrics Translation

Someone over at 4chan did a translation for the Opening Theme Song to Demonbane, and since 4chan doesn’t really have great archival services I thought I would store the lyrics here. Have fun with it and whatsnot. Continue reading

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Kichikuou Rance – Fantranslation released!

Considered a classic of the Eroge genre, Kichikuou Rance is now available in English for your enjoyment. If you wish to hear my thoughts on this game, please refer to this old post.

As a freeware game, it is available here:

Special thanks to Arunaru for his hard work on this project.


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A Look At: Alice to Eternal


When ZUN first created his humble SHMUP on the good ol PC-98, he probably didn’t expect it to explode in popularity like it has, but explode it did and today Touhou has formed its own community of widespread fanworks that has reached out to a huge audience in all forms and shapes. Outside of SHMUPS, Touhou fangames include RPGs both turn-based and action, platformers, Strategy games… really just about every genre you can think of due to its prevalence.

One of Touhou’s drawing points is the varied cast of cute female characters so you would kind of think that lots of people would have the idea of creating a Touhou Romance Visual Novel, but apparently they’re much more rare than I thought and this is the only one I’ve know of, so let’s take a look! Continue reading

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