FFT EZ-8 Mod



FFT 1.3 is a famous mod for Final Fantasy Tactics that had some interesting ideas and rebalancing of the game’s content, but is marred by a rather frustrating difficulty that always picks “Hard” over “Fun” when a choice between the two is had.

EZ-8 is a variant fork developed from the 1.3 Base aiming to fix certain issues and make some changes of my own to spice things up. It attempts to significantly speed up the early game (Chapter 1) and tone down several of the more egregious outcomes of “brutal difficulty”, while hopefully still remaining significantly more challenging than regular Vanilla FFT.

A few examples of what has been changed in this patch:

When “passing” through areas, random battles will never occur. In order to trigger them, you will have to intentionally walk onto the exact dot icon.

Holding down X will cause cutscene text to fly by at a rapid speed, thus speeding up storyline text that you have no doubt seen a billion times already.

Guests are now controllable in Storyline battles. No longer will you have to play around the fact that your supposed allies are frankly, so moronic they wear their pants on their heads.

In FFT 1.3, all enemies now scale to your party level even in storyline battles. This generally leads to a situation where being too weak to win a battle will eventually end up in more frustration as trying to grind will simply lead to enemies growing much stronger than the player by rocking equipped gear that are impossible to purchase at that point of the story.

No longer is this the case, as Random Equipment Options for the AI is now capped to what is buyable at the store for the current Chapter you are in. Enemies may still have preset equipment that are stronger than usual to use against you (or be stolen!)

…and much more. The full changelog can be found in the included Readme file.

You will require a copy of the Playstation version of Final Fantasy Tactics in order to play this patch.

(Updated July 2018): Yet Another New Version making tweaks here and there to several of the early game classes (Squires, White Mages and Thieves). It can be downloaded here

(Update June 2018): A new version has been released, revamping several classes such as Archers and Squires. It can be downloaded here

(The previous two versions can be downloaded here and here)