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Thoughts on Dragon Force 2

Dragon Force 2 has always been one of those long lamented “why did they deprive us of this game by not localizing it” mystical games that get much build-up from being Import Only. However, the recent completed fan-translation has changed … Continue reading

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A Look At: Revengers of Vengeance – one BADDO Sega CD fighting game.

So, the Sega CD. After you worked through the big names like Sonic CD, you’re invariably left with a console that’s for the most part is not very good. Most people are aware that the Sega CD bought way too … Continue reading

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DatingSiMonth – Looking at Mujintou Monogatari R for the Sega Saturn

Falcomonth is over, and now we move on to DatingSiMonth, whose name is a bit of a misnomer, being that it focuses on actual Dating Sims, Visual Novels with romance gameplay elements and so on. Still, for my first pick … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Alien Soldier – Technically Sound, Questionable Execution

Alien Soldier is a “run and gun” platformer (though that term is used very loosely in this case) by Treasure, which is a company that has a pretty good reputation amongst gamers. Personally I’ve never really been interested in this … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight: Gihren’s Greed Series

As one of the biggest and most famous sci-fi Anime franchises in Japan, it’s inevitable that Mobile Suit Gundam receive plenty of video-game adaptations seeking to cash in on its popularity. What IS surprising though, is the number of good … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight: Riglord Saga 2

Quick! Name an RPG for the Sega Saturn which was localized but had Japanese only sequels! If you answered “Dragon Force” or “Shining Force 3″… how did you even read this far without looking at the post title or looking … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight: Three Dirty Dwarves

Ask about obscure Sega Saturn gems and you’ll inevitably get a list of names of Japanese imports. Shining Force 3 part 2/3, Dragon Force 2, Bullet Hell Shmup #409623984234, the list goes on. Well here at Rough Edge, we (and … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight: Der Langrisser

Der Langrisser is a strategy RPG for the SNES created by Career Soft (whose latest works include the Shin Megami Tensei spinoff Devil Survivor series). It is an enchanced remake/port of Langrisser II which proceeded to set down several of … Continue reading

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Alisia Dragoon – Much better in my memories

I’ve put it off for quite some time but Alisia Dragoon was one of those games I’ve always meant to get back to because I remember liking it as kid. Then again, I also remembered never playing past stage 2 … Continue reading

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