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Vestaria Saga I – English Localization Release

Heads up! The first part of Vesteria Saga is now available in English on Steam. Long story short – this is a Fire Emblem-like created by the original creator of Fire Emblem himself Kaga Shouzou (who asks whether Happiness can … Continue reading

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Ramble Ral – Succubus Puttel

(Articles in the Ramble Ral section are presented “as is” with minor editing. For more information please see its section page. They will probably contain spoilers for the game in question) “It is Cinderella I love” “Wow, thanks for using … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight – Shinsetsu Mahou Shoujo (新説魔法少女)

Chiyoko and Haruka live the ordinary lives of schoolgirls, punctuated by strange dreams of fighting terrifying monsters while dressed in strange bodysuits. One day, a strange talking cat creature appears before them, pleading for them to become “magical girls” in … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight – Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest

In 2012, company Almost Human released Legend of Grimrock, triggering a slight resurgence of interest in party-based first person dungeon crawlers, but by the time Grimrock 2 hit the scenes, the fad died out and thus the company had to … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight: Berwick Saga

“The Berwick Alliance, housed in the centre of the Kingdom of Veria, clashed with the Raze Empire at the country’s borders. Veria’s King Mordias IV fought against the imperial forces, but died heroically in battle. The Verian forces, defeated by … Continue reading

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SRW DB Deluxe Version Release

A new upgraded version of my first completed SRPG project – SRW DB has been released. With the experience gained from later projects, this version mostly focuses on aesthetical upgrades, such as additional music during VN scenes which were silent … Continue reading

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Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Kamigakari

A fantranslation for Japanese TRPG Kamigakari has been released. Featuring art from Yoshinori Shizuma, an artist well-known for his work on Kantai Collection, here is some information about this TRPG from the translator itself.

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