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A Look At – Angel Halo (featuring art from Sei Shoujo)

Set in Kyoto, Japan in December 1999 at the end of the 20th century, Angel Halo is loosely inspired on the prophecies of Nostradamus in the year 1999. The protagonist, Kusakabe Makoto, lives an ordinary high school life. One day, … Continue reading

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Night Slave – Fantranslation Released!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, recent developments have revealed that the NS translation is a machine translation (i.e Google Translate) rather than a proper one and has been taken down. This post will remain for posterity’s sake. One of the most famous mecha … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight – Night Slave

“Steel Fox: An all-female special squad, highly trained in counter-terrorist combat. Assisting them is the independent, state-unbound corporation Neo Logic, which produces assault suits (mecha) which can be navigated by a skillful pilot. The young female pilot Rei from the … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight: Kurayami

“On a lonely Christmas Eve, a man and a woman are trapped in an elevator. As the darkness threatens to engulf them, how will their relationship develop…?” Kurayami is a Romance/Horror Thriller PC-98 Visual Novel made by the now defunct … Continue reading

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Words Worth Comparison: PC-98 vs Win 95

Words Worth was a semi-popular fantasy RPG in the 90s (which might get a spotlight here one day… maybe), though it mostly gained its reputation from the anime adaptation due to it being the only version being available in English … Continue reading

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