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Dead and Buried – Kongai

(Dead and Buried is a series where I look at defunct online games and ramble on my experiences and thoughts on them.)   David Sirlin – those who know that name probably remember it from his work on Super Strip … Continue reading

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SRW DB Deluxe Version Release

A new upgraded version of my first completed SRPG project – SRW DB has been released. With the experience gained from later projects, this version mostly focuses on aesthetical upgrades, such as additional music during VN scenes which were silent … Continue reading

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SRW DB Full Release!

Some of you may have noticed a new page go up a while ago for the demo of SRW DB – an SRW fangame by me (Me). Well, I am now happy to announce that the project is complete! You … Continue reading

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Forays into Game Design – Excavators

Once in a while, I suffer the delusion that I’m a game designer and start working on a game. Usually I don’t complete them, but this isn’t one of those case. “Excavators” is a board game designed for 2-5 players. … Continue reading

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