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Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Grancrest

Thanks to the hard workers at 4chan again, a new fan-translation of another Japanese TRPG has been released! What’s the appeal of this system, you ask? I’ll let the translator’s notes speak for itself.

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Cannonball Fantranslation release

  Cannonball is a sci-fi racing genre VN by Liar-Soft, who’s famous for their “Steampunk” setting games with concept where Tesla has a giant robot and Mary Clarissa Christie is a kawaii waifu or something. Don’t know about this one except … Continue reading

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Iczer Densetsu – Scanlation Released

More famous among English speakers for their appearance in Super Robot Wars L for the DS, the Iczer series originally started as a manga before it was adapted into a fairly obscure OVA series.

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Monstergirl Quest – Full Fan-translation released!

After roughly 2 years, the Monstergirl Quest trilogy is finally complete and fully fan-translated! I already wrote my thoughts on the game here, if you wish to read about it. You can find the translator’s blog here.

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Toushin Toshi II – Fantranslation released.

Toushin Toshi II is a dungeon crawling RPG by Alicesoft. It is considered one of the classics of the Eroge RPG genre and despite showing its age, still holds pretty high scores on review sites.

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Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Meikyuu Kingdom and Nechronica

(2017 Update: Necronica now has a polished retranslation – the link will now redirect to the translator’s website instead.) Here at (name of blog), I generally talk about videogames, but as you can tell by my specific choice of games … Continue reading

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Three for the Slash Thrust Burn! fan-translation released!

Three For the Slash Thrust Burn! is a short mini-game spinoff with characters from Sengoku Rance. It is a board/card game that is available legally free from Alicesoft’s website and is now 100% translated into English. Here is a link … Continue reading

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