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Night Slave – Fantranslation Released!

One of the most famous mecha eroge for the PC-98 now has a translation, courtesy of translator Roguelike. While listed as partial, this only pertains to mostly less important elements such as CGs with baked in words and certain UI … Continue reading

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Cannonball Fantranslation release

  Cannonball is a sci-fi racing genre VN by Liar-Soft, who’s famous for their “Steampunk” setting games with concept where Tesla has a giant robot and Mary Clarissa Christie is a kawaii waifu or something. Don’t know about this one except … Continue reading

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Demonbane OP Lyrics Translation

Someone over at 4chan did a translation for the Opening Theme Song to Demonbane, and since 4chan doesn’t really have great archival services I thought I would store the lyrics here. Have fun with it and whatsnot.

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Kichikuou Rance – Fantranslation released!

Considered a classic of the Eroge genre, Kichikuou Rance is now available in English for your enjoyment. If you wish to hear my thoughts on this game, please refer to this old post. As a freeware game, it is available … Continue reading

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Game Spotlight – Night Slave

“Steel Fox: An all-female special squad, highly trained in counter-terrorist combat. Assisting them is the independent, state-unbound corporation Neo Logic, which produces assault suits (mecha) which can be navigated by a skillful pilot. The young female pilot Rei from the … Continue reading

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Toushin Toshi 3DS Info Roundup

With the Toushin Toshi II remake for the 3DS release date only 1 week away, here’s a very quick round-up on interesting related materials I could find. (Disclaimer: Materials may be slightly NSFW. So you might want to save this … Continue reading

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Monstergirl Quest – Full Fan-translation released!

After roughly 2 years, the Monstergirl Quest trilogy is finally complete and fully fan-translated! I already wrote my thoughts on the game here, if you wish to read about it. You can find the translator’s blog here.

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