Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Tokyo Nova


Another big name Tabletop RPG has now been tackled! Tokyo Nova is a Cyberpunk TRPG with an interesting gimmick – instead of being resolved with dice as is the classic method, it utilizes standard playing card decks instead!

Here is some information from its anonymous translator.

“Tokyo Nova is a cyberpunk action game set in the far future after cataclysms known as the “Hazards” put the Earth into a new ice age. It’s set in Tokyo Nova, which is said to be a modern day Dejima, in that it is the only city (megaplex) on the continent of Japan that non-Japanese people are allowed access to. You can play lots of things in this setting, like a Vasara who has magical abilities, a Katana who can slice mecha in half, or a mutant who lives on the outskirts of society yet possesses amazing powers. Or all three, as the system lets you pick (up to) three different “styles” to fill out your character.

System is played with cards. You get a hand of four playing cards (just normal poker cards), and when you’re called upon to make a check, you need to play a card with a suit matching what is “valid” for that skill. Your abilities can be combo’d into one another, so if you have an ability that allows you to add your Degree of Success to your damage, and an ability that lets you expand the attack to a whole area, you can use both at the same time (with some stipulations.)

Finally, every Style has a Miracle, or Kamiwaza. These are super high powered abilities. For instance, Katana has Danse Macabre. When you declare the use of it, you can kill anybody, instantly, with no check needed. However, enemies have Miracles too, and many of them are as defensive as Danse Macabre is offensive.”

As usual, special thanks to whoever translated it. Tokyo Nova’s fantranslation can be downloaded here.

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