Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Night Wizard 3E

Night Wizard 3E

A Christmas Gift from its kind translator – a partial fantranslation for Night Wizard 3E has been made available.

Originally published in 2002, Night Wizard is a “modern magic” world in which magic-using teenagers known as Wizards fight against invading demons called Emulators.

Information on the setting from the translator

“Basically, the world is “normal”. Everywhere you look, you see modern day Earth. However, that’s only because the world is encased in what’s called the World Barrier. The World Barrier enforces what’s called “common sense”. If something happens in the world that many (read as: more than a few) people recognize as “something that should not exist”, the World Barrier kicks in and literally rewrites reality so that thing no longer exists–it’s erased and forgotten. This makes life hard for Emulators, who are basically shapeshifting demons that need “prana”–the energy of life itself–to survive. If they ran out and drained prana willy-nilly, they’d quickly become common knowledge, and the World Barrier would erase their ENTIRE SPECIES. Sucks.

So, Emulators developed “Gekkou” or Lunar Caskets. These are micro-realities, basically. You see them all the time in anime–the “closed space” alternate dimension stuff that allows people to fight without destroying the surrounding area. If left alone, these Lunar Caskets would overwrite the World Barrier, imposing themself over that space. So the park downtown would suddenly turn into a weird, reality-bent area where literal demons could exist. It’d be bad news. That’s why the Wizards exist! Their entire job is to go into Lunar Caskets and destroy the “core”, undoing the overwrite process. Of course, Emulators are wise to this shit, so they often erect Fortresses within the Lunar Caskets. In short: modern day dungeon diving.

And that’s the core conceit of the setting. Wizards are at war with the Emulators. Mind you, Wizards are no more “out of bounds” than Emulators are–they can’t use magic in sight of Innocents (non-Wizards), or magic itself will be erased.”

Night Wizard is a popular system that has spawned many related merchandise such as tie-in videogames, Drama CDs, Manga, Novels and so on. It also had a licensed Anime that was the only available part of this franchise up until now.

Related Tangent: Night Wizard setting has been said by many to be heavily inspired by Alicesoft’s “Yoru Ga Kuru”, that’s right, Alicesoft – the same one that does famous games like the Rance series.

As a partial translation, what is missing from the translation is “fluff setting” text and certain minor mechanical elements from the expansion books. Hopefully they will be translated at a future date but what is included here is meaty enough for a good read.

You may download the fantranslation here

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1 Response to Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Night Wizard 3E

  1. Night Wizards, is effectively Japanese Mage the Ascension with very civic minded mages and no Technocracy.

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