Money Matters


So here’s a non-gaming related update.

I’ve been out of a job for quite some time now and that kind of kills a lot of my motivation to do stuffles. Not that I was ever paid that well anyway…

I really need to supplement my income of “nothing” so I’ve recently added a couple of Amazon Affiliate Links scattered over several old posts and I try my best to be really unintrusive about it.

Most of the things I write about here are obscure and usually out of print so I don’t really expect to make a killing but if you come across something you want to grab, feel free to do it so I can get a bit of commission money.

Yeah yeah, begging sucks and unfortunately I don’t get drunken Kung-Fu skillz in return unlike what Chinese Wuxia movies would have you think. Thems the break.

Anyway, I’ll try to get some new content up soon since I know my update schedule is now like “Once in a Blue Moon”

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