Tabletop RPGs-related comics

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One of my personal interests happens to be comics (usually comedic in nature) on Tabletop games. Not simply fantasy comics that are set in a licensed setting like the D&D world, but where the framework is actually people sitting around the table and actually playing the game in question.

So here are some of my particular recommendations.



This one is interesting because it’s a Japanese 4Koma on the subject, which means it offers an insight into many Japanese TRPGs that has mostly never been localized or otherwise made available in English (where most Western comics generally involve some form of Dungeons and Dragons variant)

Also one of the better drawn ones – it would appear that most Western comic artists who are interested in Tabletop RPGs are not very good at art.

Set-up is simple: Cute girls doing cute things, except cute things in this case is “playing TRPGs.”

Translation is currently on-going at a steady pace.
Chapter 1 Archive/On-going Continuation

DM of the Rings


As most people would agree, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings was hugely influential on the development of the TRPG genre.

So the set-up of this comic is an interesting one: in this Alternative world, what if Lord of the Rings didn’t exist as a book but was instead an RPG campaign?

Apparently the answer is: “It wouldn’t be a very good one. Very rail-roaded, too little combat, bad pacing, poor enemy variety and terrible itemization… amongst other things”

This webcomic was one of the first in what I call the “Movie Screencap Comic” genre, where the creators carefully selects appropriate cropped images from a movie and weaves a new narrative around it.

So sort of like Sprite Comics modernized, and less eye-killing.

Original Link/Archive

Dungeons and Dragons


Wizards of the Coast has a selection of amusing on-going D&D based comics, although their site layout is pretty terrible, which is why I’m archiving it here.

Most of these comics are 4E focused (compared to a majority of TRPG comics which tend to be from older versions), and include rather obscure nerdy humour (surprise!)

The content in this archive are mostly done by artist Jason Thompson, including his interesting “Map Walkthroughs” of classic D&D modules (+ extra non D&D module “The God that Crawls”). There are also a couple of other related comics from other artists.

Original Link/Archive

Knights of the Dinner Table


Quite possibly the first popular comic on the subject, Knights of the Dinner Table ages back to some of the earliest days of D&D (although it uses the lawyer friendly version “Hackmaster”, which has since became its own TRPG system)

While the art isn’t going to be put on display in The Louvre anytime soon, this comic does provide a very interesting look in how TRPGs were played in the very early days (and if you ask some people, this includes an accurate portrayal of severe player dysfunctional.)

For example, in the Dark Ages, rather than creating a new player character every time you joined a new group, players would instead have only one character which they would carry over to and from multiple games even when ran by different Gamemasters. Which yes, makes it rather painful when you run into a “Killer DM” who runs every game like it was Military School with more death traps.

This comic has over a hundred issues now and is still ongoing which makes some of the recent ones a little quaint since it’s still written in a universe that operates under the same concepts decades ago, but I guess it’s sort of like watching an old black-and-white film in that regard.

Official Website

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