Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Grancrest


Thanks to the hard workers at 4chan again, a new fan-translation of another Japanese TRPG has been released!

What’s the appeal of this system, you ask? I’ll let the translator’s notes speak for itself.

“What is Grancrest?
The Grancrest RPG is a Japanese dark high fantasy RPG set in a world besieged by “Chaos,” a mysterious and supernatural force that causes the laws of physics to collapse wherever it appears, and which summons forth horrible creatures from other worlds, beasts from myth and fantasy that bring with them death and destruction.

The only thing that can save humanity from the incursions of Chaos are heroes; Lords, bearers of mysterious symbols called Crests, glowing symbols that they use to purge Chaos; Mages, wielders of the rare ability to sense Chaos and bend it to their will, otherwise known as magic; and Artists, a rare few humans who have foolishly chosen to merge their bodies with Chaos and somehow survive the process, warping their bodies and imbuing them with powers far beyond those of any normal human.

Why should you care?
I honestly don’t know. You probably shouldn’t. But the reason I care is because the setting of the game was created by Mizuno Ryo, the author of Record of Lodoss War (among many other things). The game design itself was headed by Yano Shunsaku, who is probably best known in the English-speaking RPG world as the creator of the supers game Double Cross.

The game itself is relatively mechanically rich without being too overwhelming. There are a plethora of character options (mostly combat-related), rules for administering one’s own country (because of the role that Lords play in protecting people from Chaos, the primary social organization of the world is a feudal system where Lords rule over those they protect), and a system for large battles where the heroic PCs lead their own armies in the field, all while maintaining a level of abstraction that makes such things simple to run.”

The translated pdf of Grancrest Rulebook 1 can be found here

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2 Responses to Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Grancrest

  1. Matthew Skail says:

    This is awesome. Has the second book been translated?

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