Demonbane OP Lyrics Translation

Someone over at 4chan did a translation for the Opening Theme Song to Demonbane, and since 4chan doesn’t really have great archival services I thought I would store the lyrics here. Have fun with it and whatsnot.

In a city where the fires of hell burn crimson
evil voices beckon from the darkness
The day of Revelation draws near

The elegies from the funerals,
the voices grieving the violation of the land
hear their prayers and stand up.

Justice awakens in the hate-scorched skies
draw forth the sword that smites evil
and shred despair

Load your fists with your rage and smash them
wipe your tears and howl
Burn up your life until there’s nothing left

In the wind that carries sorrow
the bell of destruction echoes
and you exhaust your strength in the wastelands

but you’ll remember without fail
the vows you made with your beloved
and become stronger than you were before.

hold your righteous anger in your heart,
draw the innocent blade,
and let resound your war cry

Come forth, earth shaking Deus Machina
push forward, never fearing your fate
and enforce Justice

your increasingly distant hometown
burn it into your eyes and go let’s go far
to the distant battlefield

raise a blazing pentagram
and challenge The Outer Gods

steel groans as it cleaves steel
boiling blood, flaming eyes
transcend causality, sword that smites evil,
The Innocent Blade, DEMONBANE

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  1. Lance says:

    Thanks mate

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