Iczer Densetsu – Scanlation Released

Iczer Densetsu

More famous among English speakers for their appearance in Super Robot Wars L for the DS, the Iczer series originally started as a manga before it was adapted into a fairly obscure OVA series.

There were multiple of these OVAs, each with very loose continuity due to the workings of the industry at the time. Eventually, the creator decided to do a remake/reboot of the series in the form of a manga which would tie all of these continuities together into a new universe. This would be Iczer Densetsu, which has now been scanlated for your reading pleasure.


Unfortunately, once again due to the author’s work and other commitments, the manga never went beyond the first volume so this can be considered to be a “complete” translation as it were. Still, it’s an interesting look at “what could have been”…

Special thanks to translation group Oppai Missile for their work on this manga.

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