Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Kantai Collection TRPG

Kancolle RPG

Kantai Collection is a Japanese social game that has achieved great popularity recently, somewhat like a second coming of Touhou in terms of fanart, merchandising and other such expressions of love from the fandom. It’s about… I dunno, cute anthropomorphic girls representing battleships or something.

As such, it probably isn’t that surprising that a licensed Tabletop RPG has been developed for it. Written by the same person who created Meikyuu Kingdom (I’ve written about that here), within only a few days, it has been fan-translated. The basic rules and a “solo play” option are both available to read. Enjoy.

Special thanks to the person on 4chan who translated this, no idea who you are because 4chan’s just Anonymous everywhere.

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