Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Meikyuu Kingdom and Nechronica

(2017 Update: Necronica now has a polished retranslation – the link will now redirect to the translator’s website instead.)

Here at (name of blog), I generally talk about videogames, but as you can tell by my specific choice of games that I cover, I’m the sort of person who likes to cover stuff that I think is cool but non-mainstream.

While Tabletop Gaming is a niche hobby in general, most RPG fans have at least heard of the originator Dungeons and Dragons. And just like how originally JRPGs and WRPGs were originally based off the same things (Wizardry and Ultima mostly) but eventually forked off into different branches, due to the nature of certain developments in Japan, so did Japanese TRPGs.

Probably the most popular TRPG in Japan is Sword World, most famous because it was the basis for the popular 90s fantasy anime “Record of Lodoss War.”

(Interested parties may read these series of articles for more information)

For a very long time, these TRPGs were sadly to remain only in Japan, due to a combination of being niche products and having a low “effort to reward” ratio of translation since unlike fansubbing Anime, translating an entire book takes quite a bit of effort.

But now things are changing. Thanks to… don’t get shocked here people, 4chan, we are seeing some fan-translated versions of these products and we can now enter into a whole new world that has been previously closed off to us like an Aladdin.

MK Cover

Our first entry is Meikyuu Kingdom, translated as Make You Kingdom! You see, it’s a pun.

It’s a light-hearted Fantasy Anime parody centered around playing members of a Kingdom’s court in a world that’s literally a giant dungeon.

NC cover

And on the flip side, we have Nechronica, a dark TRPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where the only remaining lifeforms are cyborg zombie girls.

Two games, both on the opposite ends of the tone spectrum, for your consideration. Pick your poison and enjoy reading/playing them.

These versions of the games are fantranslated drafts and thus a lot of the art and other bells and whistles in the original books are missing or not entirely organized on a professional level, but I hope you find them interesting anyway, potentially enough to buy actual copies of the game if they ever get commercially published in English.

Meikyuu Kingdom
Nechronica (Fantranslator’s Website)

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2 Responses to Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Meikyuu Kingdom and Nechronica

  1. xavierllobet2013 says:

    I’m enjoying reading these posts about JRPGs. 😀 Do you have any info on games like Marginal Heroes and Satasupe? 😯

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