Kickstarter Notice: Shinobigami – Ninja Battle Japanese TRPG


From the translators of other Japanese Tabletop RPG hits such as Tenran and Ryuutama comes a new Kickstarter for “Shinobigami”

From the Kickstarter description:
“Shinobigami is a fast one-session RPG focusing on character drama, stories of conflict and cooperation, and light tactical strategy in a dark modern “World of Shadows” setting where mysterious ninja exist and engage in inter-clan conflict in an ongoing hidden cold war.”

Just being from a different country isn’t the only selling point of the game – Shinobigami’s design plays around with several conventions of the genre that is not usually done – for example, by having the Player Characters be “Frenemies” – people who are allied through mutual goals now but may each have their own separate agendas and skillfully manipulating your allies while covering your tracks is the order of the day, very reminiscent of another well-known TRPG “Paranoia.”

You can find the Kickstarter here

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Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Monotone Museum

MonotoneYet another addition to the slow, yet ongoing process of making more Japanese RPGs available to English reading audiences comes “Monotone Museum”

As stated by the author, “Monotone Museum was actually created as an example of how someone with no previous game design experience–namely Sugano Tasuke, an illustrator–could easily make their own tabletop RPG using SRS” (SRS is a popular Tabletop RPG engine in Japan, somewhat similar to the d20 system in the West)

This release is considered the “final” release by the translator and contains translations for things such as the background setting and a “replay” (transcript of a sample game), but no game rules.

Why? In his own words “Since underneath the fluff SRS is nigh-identical in every game that uses it, you can just use the rules from another F.E.A.R. title like Double Cross or Night Wizard if you want to experience Monotone Museum in something pretty close to its original form.”

You can download the translation here.

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Forays in Game Design: FFT 1.3 Variant: EZ-8


FFT 1.3 is a famous mod for Final Fantasy Tactics that had some interesting ideas and rebalancing of the game’s content, but is marred by a rather frustrating difficulty that always picks “Hard” over “Fun” when a choice between the two is had.

EZ-8 is a variant fork developed from the 1.3 Base aiming to fix certain issues and make some changes of my own to spice things up. It attempts to significantly speed up the early game (Chapter 1) and tone down several of the more egregious outcomes of “brutal difficulty”, while hopefully still remaining significantly more challenging than regular Vanilla FFT. Continue reading

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A Look At: Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001


The Super Robot Wars series has been a popular franchise for Banpresto featuring crossovers from many mecha series. Given the number of licensed games they produce, it didn’t take long before someone got a bright idea – why not take the engine for those games and utilize it with other properties?

That’s the story, but the final question is: how did the game go? Continue reading

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Money Matters


So here’s a non-gaming related update.

I’ve been out of a job for quite some time now and that kind of kills a lot of my motivation to do stuffles. Not that I was ever paid that well anyway…

I really need to supplement my income of “nothing” so I’ve recently added a couple of Amazon Affiliate Links scattered over several old posts and I try my best to be really unintrusive about it.

Most of the things I write about here are obscure and usually out of print so I don’t really expect to make a killing but if you come across something you want to grab, feel free to do it so I can get a bit of commission money.

Yeah yeah, begging sucks and unfortunately I don’t get drunken Kung-Fu skillz in return unlike what Chinese Wuxia movies would have you think. Thems the break.

Anyway, I’ll try to get some new content up soon since I know my update schedule is now like “Once in a Blue Moon”

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A Look At: Hexamoon Guardians

HMG TitleDue to its popularity and success, the PSX has had many games and due to the sheer numbers involved, inevitably a good number of them would fade away in obscurity… doubly so for Japanese imports.

Hexamoon Guardians happens to be one of these games. A quick Google Search reveals that the only mention of this game in the English speaking world appears to be for database projects and the like… so why not shed some light on things? Continue reading

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Thoughts on Dragon Force 2

Dragon Force 2 Boxart

Dragon Force 2 has always been one of those long lamented “why did they deprive us of this game by not localizing it” mystical games that get much build-up from being Import Only. However, the recent completed fan-translation has changed that, making the game accessible to all. With that in mind, how does it really fare when the veil of language barrier is removed? Let’s take a look (SPOILER WARNING) Continue reading

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Tabletop RPGs-related comics

000_a - Imgur

One of my personal interests happens to be comics (usually comedic in nature) on Tabletop games. Not simply fantasy comics that are set in a licensed setting like the D&D world, but where the framework is actually people sitting around the table and actually playing the game in question.

So here are some of my particular recommendations. Continue reading

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Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Grancrest


Thanks to the hard workers at 4chan again, a new fan-translation of another Japanese TRPG has been released!

What’s the appeal of this system, you ask? I’ll let the translator’s notes speak for itself. Continue reading

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Cannonball Fantranslation release



Cannonball is a sci-fi racing genre VN by Liar-Soft, who’s famous for their “Steampunk” setting games with concept where Tesla has a giant robot and Mary Clarissa Christie is a kawaii waifu or something.

Don’t know about this one except nice art and it has catgirl lolis or something. It’s set in the same continuity as their other games, I think?

You can read more on the translation project and get the patch here

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