A Look At – The Shattered Princess of Ice and Snow – “Worth”


The world was peaceful after the Hero defeated the Demon Lord.
However, princess Aina has yet to return…
Rumor has it that she was enslaved by the Hero’s younger brother Schum.
Aina’s younger brother, Prince Hara, hears of the news,
and thus seeks to find a way to save his sister…

The Shattered Princess of Ice and Snow is a Doujin RPGMaker Game released by U-ROOM in 2019, serving as a spin-off story in the Dark Hero Party series.

(This article will contain spoilers for the game in question along with its predecessor.)

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Kamigakari – Official English Localization Release


A new Japanese Tabletop RPG has now been officially localized and available digitally at DriveThruRPG.

I’ve written about the fan-translated version here, and assume that the official product will provide a more polished version. Kamigakari apparently has had a rough Kickstarter process but here’s hoping that it leads to more officially translated Japanese Tabletop RPGs in the future.

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A Look At – Bahamut Lagoon – Square Enix’s Greatest NTR Masterpiece

Bahamut Lagoon Box

(This article contains major spoilers for the game in question, please be advised)

Bahamut Lagoon is an TRPG that went surprisingly under the radar in English regions, especially when you remember it was created by Square Enix (Squaresoft then), generally considered the influence leader and brand name when it comes to JRPGs.

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Dead and Buried – Megami Engage! – The Most Ambitious Bishoujo Crossover To Date

Megami Engage.jpg

(Dead and Buried is a series where I look at defunct online games and ramble on my experiences and thoughts on them.)

Megami Engage is an MMO Strategy Browser Game running from 2012 – 2017.
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Beta Release – Rance for Castlevania Fighter!

CVF Rance.jpg

(Castlevania Fighter is a massive fangame combining the heroes and villains of the CV franchise into a boss rush game mode, featuring crossover characters such as Reimu and Sakuya from their appearances from Koumajou Densetsu)

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A Look At – Presence (Clockup) – Groundhog Day… in High Schoooool!

Presence Boxart

Without warning, a very ordinary life is struck by a sudden nightmare.
The morning of the eighth day, eternally out of reach…
In the middle of that stagnant Time, a mysterious girl appears…

Tooru is an ordinary young man who dreams about unrealistic adventure. But his existence is a normal boring one. One day he wakes up only to learn that he has been trapped in a time loop, repeating the same week over and over again, turning his life into nightmare. Can he find his way back by mending other people’s lives?

Presence is a Romance Drama Visual Novel released by Clockup in 2003.
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A Look At – ODEON – Serial Experiments Evangelion

Odeon Box

One day, a girl starts to awaken to her fate.
Even if that fate may be too harsh for that frail body of hers…
A woman singing in the Roman-era Odeon.
A secret hidden under the remnants of that Odeon, now ruins, has been exposed to the elements.
A mysterious human race that has come to Earth from somewhere else long ago.
Can that girl, Mirei, be a reincarnation of the songstress?

In the flow of time an ancient phantasm nobody remembers reoccurs again.
Where is humanity being guided to?
Past and present intersect here…

Odeon is a Psychological Sci-Fi Visual Novel released in 2001 by BOKU
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Lust Grimm Again (Remake) Announced – Information and my thoughts

Lust Grimm

Well, this is interesting…… for me. Studio62 has announced a tentative remake of their original debut work, Lust Grimm.

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A Look At – Jisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou – One of the Big Three Denpa Games

Jisatsu Title

Torabishi Takuji hears a noise he has come to label “grey”. He doesn’t know the true nature of the noise, and finally has started to lose the ability to discern between “delusion” and “reality”.

“Delusion” and “reality”, “life” and “death”. Caught between those, he has started to seek proof that he “lives in reality”.

Jisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou (lit. “101 Ways to Kill Yourself”) is a psychological horror visual novel published by Duke in 2001.
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A Look At – Shuusaku – The Original DDLC?

Shuusaku Title.png

Following a chance encounter with Mr Kato, the caretaker of a prestigious dormitory of the all girls Shukusei Music Academy, Shuusaku, a letch derived of morality, has infiltrated the premises by assuming his identity. After a month of preparation, he has narrowed his targets down to eight students and their teacher, but learns that his cover has been compromised.

With only 36 hours left, he puts his nefarious plans into action – to blackmail and humiliate┬áthe ones who look upon him with scornful eyes…

(This article will contain heavy spoilers for the game in question, along with very minor spoilers for DDLC, Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi, the Muv Luv series and Wonderful Everyday.)

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