Ramble Ral: Stone Story RPG

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Stone Story Header.jpg

Stone Story RPG is a game that probably should have just removed the “RPG” part from its title.

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Night Slave – Fantranslation Released!

One of the most famous mecha eroge for the PC-98 now has a translation, courtesy of translator Roguelike.

While listed as partial, this only pertains to mostly less important elements such as CGs with baked in words and certain UI elements – the main bulk of the plot has been translated.

The translation can be found here.

I have written about this game here

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Game Spotlight – Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest


In 2012, company Almost Human released Legend of Grimrock, triggering a slight resurgence of interest in party-based first person dungeon crawlers, but by the time Grimrock 2 hit the scenes, the fad died out and thus the company had to return to the drawing board. With the main devs splitting off into their own group named Ctrl Alt Ninja, a new project named “Druidstone” was started.

Originally pitched as an “procedurally generated, open-world game”, the final product ended up being none of those things. What remains is an interesting Tactics game with lite-RPG elements (with absolutely zero procedurally generated elements). Continue reading

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Game Spotlight: Berwick Saga

Berwick Title

“The Berwick Alliance, housed in the centre of the Kingdom of Veria, clashed with the Raze Empire at the country’s borders. Veria’s King Mordias IV fought against the imperial forces, but died heroically in battle. The Verian forces, defeated by the superior imperial soldiers, retreated to the Narvia region, along with their surviving Prince and Princess. Each passing day, the lands before Narvia fall to the Empire and a resistance force begins to grow at Narvia. Meanwhile, Reese, the young Lord of the poor Sinon region, heads to Narvia to assist the new King and the story begins.”

Berwick Saga is a tactical RPG released in 2005 for the Playstation 2.

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Atelier Marie + Elie Fantranslation release

Atelier M&E Title

While the Atelier series has generally had fairly reliable localization prospects since the PS2 era, this was not the case for earlier games in the series which has been left behind, available in Japanese only.

Today, a step is taken to close the gap as a fantranslation of Atelier Marie + Elie, the first two games in the series has been released. Considered to be the forefathers of Japanese “crafting” Simulation games, now’s a good opportunity to experience the roots of how the genre came to be.

(Though strictly speaking, this is technically a translation of the PS2 version, which is an enhanced port of the original PSX release.)

You can find the patch here

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SRW DB Deluxe Version Release

A new upgraded version of my first completed SRPG project – SRW DB has been released. With the experience gained from later projects, this version mostly focuses on aesthetical upgrades, such as additional music during VN scenes which were silent before, but there are also some minor gameplay tweaks here and there.

A list of changes (not comprehensive) to follow. Continue reading

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Game Spotlight – Gunparade March

GPM Title

“In 1945, World War II was abruptly ended when an alien race appeared on Earth and began to slaughter the human population. This alien force, known as the “Phantom Beasts” had effectively taken over more than half of the Earth.

The year is 1999 – 54 years later, mankind is still fighting to survive against the alien forces. Earth forces now use advanced mecha called Humanoid Walking Tanks (HWTs) to combat the invaders, but throughout the ordeal, far too many pilots have been killed in action. To ensure the future of the human race, the Japanese government enforced a student draft which recruited high school students to become HWT pilots. Gunparade March follows the lives of the 5121th Platoon, which consists mainly of drafted high school students and their struggle to defeat the Phantom Beasts and at the same time, lead a normal social life.”

Gunparade March is a Japanese Life Simulation / RPG released in 2000 for the Sony Playstation. Continue reading

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