Iczer Densetsu – Scanlation Released

Iczer Densetsu

More famous among English speakers for their appearance in Super Robot Wars L for the DS, the Iczer series originally started as a manga before it was adapted into a fairly obscure OVA series. Continue reading

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Simulation RPG Construction (SRC) Scenario Roundup: Part 2

Welcome back to the world of SRC. If you have no idea what that is, go read my previous blog post on it over here. The tl;dr version – program that allows you to create and play fan “Super Robot Wars”-style games.

Being a tool that allows fans to make a certain style of games, the obvious “problem” is of course the overabundance of scenario packs to try – we all know that fan-work tends to be more unpolished than commercial products, so which are the gems and which aren’t? That’s what my Roundups are here to help you pick up the most interesting ones and give you a starting point. Let’s begin. Continue reading

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A Look At: Revengers of Vengeance – one BADDO Sega CD fighting game.

Revengers Cover So, the Sega CD. After you worked through the big names like Sonic CD, you’re invariably left with a console that’s for the most part is not very good. Most people are aware that the Sega CD bought way too much into the trend of FMV games which aged very poorly in the long run and a lot of words has been written about those already.

And then there’s this game. Revengers of Vengeance is one heck of an obscure Fighting Game and once you’ve played it, it’s pretty easy to see why. I have no idea why someone went through the trouble of localizing it in the first place but apparently knowing that they had a stinker on their hands, they at least engaged in one of the most hilariously EXTREME marketing campaigns ever. Continue reading

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Game Spotlight – Night Slave

Night Slave

Steel Fox: An all-female special squad, highly trained in counter-terrorist combat. Assisting them is the independent, state-unbound corporation Neo Logic, which produces assault suits (mecha) which can be navigated by a skillful pilot. The young female pilot Rei from the Steel Fox is sent on a decisive mission, codenamed ‘Night Slave': an assault on the terrorist organization ‘Slave Dog’.”

Night Slave is a PC-98 Mecha Action game based off Assault Suits Valken that was created by the obscure and now defunct “Melody.” Despite being a PC-98 game (which usually suffer the fate of being doomed to obscurity without the Touhou brand name), it has turned into a cult classic of retro Mecha gaming. Continue reading

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Fantranslated Japanese Tabletop RPGs – Kantai Collection TRPG

Kancolle RPG

Kantai Collection is a Japanese social game that has achieved great popularity recently, somewhat like a second coming of Touhou in terms of fanart, merchandising and other such expressions of love from the fandom. It’s about… I dunno, cute anthropomorphic girls representing battleships or something. Continue reading

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Forays into Game Design – Excavators

Once in a while, I suffer the delusion that I’m a game designer and start working on a game. Usually I don’t complete them, but this isn’t one of those case.

“Excavators” is a board game designed for 2-5 players. It was created for a contest where the rule was to use a deck of playing cards in it somehow, but one of the personal goals is to create a game where you can use everyday household objects as game pieces.

It’s pretty much my first attempt at writing board game rules, so expect unclear rules and non-technical writing. Enjoy

Download Link

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DatingSiMonth – Looking at Mujintou Monogatari R for the Sega Saturn

MMR BoxartFalcomonth is over, and now we move on to DatingSiMonth, whose name is a bit of a misnomer, being that it focuses on actual Dating Sims, Visual Novels with romance gameplay elements and so on. Still, for my first pick I’m going to keep things much more traditional, I guess.

And my current pick is the obscure Mujintou Monogatari R for the Sega Saturn. The original MM series was a set of rather detailed and complex Island Survival simulation games but at some point, the company decided to branch out into adding Galge elements in this spinoff series (indicated by the R, which I guess stands for Romance?) How does it fare? Let’s take a look. Continue reading

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